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Writing Sample from theProse

 Writing Sample from theProse I wanted to post a sample of the free writing I am doing on to demonstrate my mad skills...The following was written to a writing challenge posted on the aforementioned website, that only said "Grey Wall". It is meant to be a snippet of a larger story, one that has not been written. Grey Wall Towering over everything was the Grey Wall. For a thousand generations the Grey Wall had separated the worlds, looming above each in silent threat of what lay on the other side. Looming in the heart of the the unchosen. No being had every crossed the Wall. No human would try for the abject terror it brought the imagination. Even the birds, circling and wheeling about the azure sky would not cross the line of demarcation. The Wall meant safety and the Wall meant death. Zenyassa did not care for safety and she did not fear death. She was Unchosen. What did it matter? What was life without the risk of losing it? She could not feel alive sitting bef

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